Learn Persian with an Interactive Audio-visual program for beginners

Learn Persian (Farsi) Step by Step is an audio-visual program created specifically for the Persian language. The goal of this method is to make Farsi easy for all.  Persian Step By Step explains every point, without jumping too fast to the next. Therefore, it turns your Farsi learning into an easy and fun experience.

The program includes pictures, audio, and color illustrated charts and exercises. Persian Step By Step consists of twenty individual chapters called ‘steps’.

The program is divided into two separate levels:

  • Level One: Absolute beginner (Steps 1 to 10)
  • Level Two Beginner (Steps 11 to 20).

Easy To pronounce Words

Words in Persian Step By Step are easy to pronounce. Every word is transliterated in Latin alphabet for easy pronunciation.

With Persian Step-by-Step, you don’t need to learn the alphabet right off the bat. Rather, you learn Persian as a child. That is, through looking at pictures, hearing, and repeating. Later, you will start writing after you begin speaking your first sentences.

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The Author

Fruzan Seifi is the author and creator of Learn Persian (Farsi) Step by Step. Born and raised in Shiraz, one of Iran’s oldest cities, Fruzan now lives in the United States. 

Fruzan has taught Farsi in prestigious language schools and universities across California – including Berlitz Language Center and Santa Monica College. There, she developed her detailed audio-visual technique, created specifically for Persian Language. Fruzan worked hard in creating a method that makes Farsi accessible to anyone who wants to learn the language. Her goal was to help her students communicate with their friends and family.

The result of this hard work is clear: Persian Step by Step turns the Farsi learning into an easy and fun experience.