The audio recordings for Persian Step by Step are available for free on many streaming platforms such as Spotify. 

The content of the recordings are related to the textbook. Therefore, you can get full benefit of the audio only together with the pictures, excercise, and instructions provided within the book. 

Once you log into Spotify, simply click on the following links and listen for free:

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The free audio recordings are also available on our youtube channel here.

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Learn Persian (Farsi) Step By Step. 

Level One: Absolute beginner

Steps 1-10

Persian Step by Step, level one, is designed for absolute beginner and provides essential expressions of everyday conversation. Such as saying hello; introducing yourself; where you are from; what language you speak; numbers and colors; describing things; asking a question; and ordering at a restaurant. You will be confident speaking Farsi by mastering the fundamental grammar rules for constructing a sentence with essential verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’

Learn Persian (Farsi) Step By Step

Level Two: Beginner

Steps 11-20

Persian Step by Step, level two, is designed for the beginner and carries out important vocabulary and easy expressions used in everyday routine situations. Such as asking for direction; shopping, telling time, asking for price, checking in at a hotel, transportation, food, professions, and formal and informal meetings. Persian Step by Step, level two, provides concise grammar guide on common verbs’ conjugation in both simple present and past tense. It also implements the use of ‘compound’ verbs, possessive adjectives, countable and uncountable objects, prepositions, plural nouns, comparative adjectives, and more.

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